It’s always very heartening to see Noah enjoy his books!


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Hey Ho, Lets go!

Gonna try this blogging thing all over again.

Ok, slight update. Noah is now considered a toddler. No longer a baby.. He is currently 14months.

His greatest loves are balls of all sizes and textures, holding scraps of rubbish in his hands and then eating them when no one is looking. Also, going out and singing his Julia Gabriel songs. Still loves fresh breastmilk from his momma’s tap.

He hates eating and napping..

Currently, he is on the smaller end of the scale which leads to annoying comments from kaypoh people. All these comments are nowhere near helpful and only serves to piss me off further.

His vocabulary skills are expanding and his favourite words are “light”, “duck”, “de de de”, “knock knock”, “there” and “dog”. I am still waiting for the day where he calls me.

He is able to point to objects and understand basic instructions in both Mandarin and English.

I have spotted his temper tantrums. Especially, when his favourite toy is being removed. There was one day he cried non stop for 45mins because he didn’t wanna sleep.

Other than that, Noah is pretty much the happiest boy.


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I am lying at home with a broken leg.

But this does not mean that in any way that the enemy has won. I may be physically disabled (temporarily) but I am not spiritually disabled!

It is tough being so dependent on others but I guess maybe I have a lot more things to learn. God is glorified in all circumstances.

The hardest is to postpone my dream of getting my licence in May.. But, with God all things are possible! It is indeed for His glory!

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Sticky fudge cake!

God is faithful!

I’m thanking Him everyday fr the life that He has entrusted to both Shawn and I!

These few months, Noah has been รผber sticky to me. Each time I leave his sight to pee, he will cry! Haha. But it makes me feel so loved!

Noah has:
– learnt to crawl on all fours (7months)
– kinda clap hands (7months)
– popped his first tooth (8months)
– learn to pull himself to stand (8months)
– cruise (8months)
– squat (8months)
– say mamamama indefinitely (8months)

It’s amazing to see how fast little Noah has grown. Just a mere 4 more months to his first birthday!

Where did e time go?!

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An Overdue Post

It has been too long since I last posted. Trying to settle down in a non permanent routine. Shawn has been home and I have been grateful to have an extra pair of hands to look after Noah.

However, it has been emotionally trying. God has been so silent these few weeks. My faith has really been tested.

Most times, I just want to run away and cry. Sometimes, I take out my worry on those closest to me. I don’t feel strong at all.

But, doing my quiet time earlier, something I read struck me. Our faith is proven through the way we react to everyday events. Unfortunately, I have failed.

I cry out to God desperately from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes, I don’t even like me much.

Oh my how soul aches.

I’m just praying and asking God to hear our cries. It’s like my family has been battered – left, right and centre.

Mom had a fall and is confined to home with crazy swinging temperaments. Noah had a bad diaper rash and diarrhoea, but has a slight cough now. I will be going for a breast checkup on Friday. All these things frustrate me. But, I have no one to tell or talk to. And how far away, God seems. Sigh.

Oh Lord. :..(

On an another note, Noah has been growing so much. He has made some amazing developments. He’s able to half leopard crawl and really crawl. He loves to pull himself up to a standing position. He is pretty adept at sitting.

However, the elusive tooth has yet to make an appearance and I’m still longing for the day he calls me. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m so blessed to be able to just watch him grow. It is too fast. But, I’m glad a little man is able to touch my heart in big ways.


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Halfway Mark

WHAT?! Has it been 6 months already!!

How time has flown!! Through everything, I thank God that I am a mom to a darling boy. Thank u God, for healing Noah too!

Thus far, Noah is able to:
– roll both ways
– gurgle and laugh out loud
– attempt to sit on his own
– sleep 4-5 hours (only) without waking fr milk at night
– recognize people
– call out to be picked up

Happy 6 months, sonny. You are a miracle!




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Dear daddy

I know I started this blog for my family. But, as I am reflecting on what it means to be a good mom to Noah. I cannot help but thank God for blessing me with a wonderful father. My dad is an amazing man and I know I have said this before but I am grateful for a wonderful man like him. He has shaped and moulded me to the woman I am today. He has shown me how real God is in my life. My dad is a reflection of God’s beauty and love for me.

Sometimes, I wonder what will I become if my dad was not who he is.

I’m glad that my dad did not allow his own life’s circumstances to mar him from being a great father. He did not have a strong father figure too but I believe that it is because of his walk with Jesus that has inspired him to be an awesome father to Sam and I.

Daddy, no one can ever teach me the things like you do. Because, you have modelled living for Jesus for me.

Thank you for always taking time to appreciate the life that Jesus has created.

I love you so much.


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